What is Modern Allegorism


Modern Allegory is an original and unique style of art founded and created by G. Tarnowski. It uses everyday elements and animals as symbols we all can identify with, expressed in a whimsical, paradoxical and/or inspirational manner to produce a positive thought provoking message of encouragement, faith and hope. (see Wikipedia: Modern Allegorism).

Example on how to read Tarnowski's Modern Allegory Art:

Crescendo 30x20 (Oil on Canvas)

The Elephant (Endurance, Loyalty & Commitment) steadily climbs past (Arrogance Self-Centeredness-Giraffe-when the Giraffe is low in the art he represents our negative attitudes) to what appears to be tenuous yet continuous rope of steps toward new heights, revelation, understanding and future. Being held by the ostrich who is new perspective ( if the Ostrich had his head in the sand its ignorance but looking outside its new perspective).

When we step out in faith with only what we have to take with us on those steps past familiar fears and apprehensions with each step we trust what God is doing and becomes easier even those we can not see the complete end. If we are willing to step out and follow the leading of our heart we will reach beyond the things that have kept us from our crescendo of endless possibilities!