About Us

T A R N O W S K I  A R T  C O M P A N Y 

Tarnowski Art Company is the marketing and retail arm for internationally recognized fine artist Glen Tarnowski. This is the official website of Glen Tarnowski. The website provides a display of both his signature art style: Modern Allegory as well as other artistic manner. including Elemental Abstracts, Rhythmic Realism art manners. Along with special projects, At Tarnowski Art Company, we offer Original Fine Art Works. Limited & Open Edition Canvas Prints, Modern Allegory Greeting Card Line.  
  • How our retail business started: As G. Tarnowski's artwork grew in visibility and interest by major art collectors, so did more channels than just original fine artwork. We continue to grow in our retail offerings. 
  • What makes Tarnowski Art Company unique: G. Tarnowski's original art in Modern Allegory style received high accolades for its originality and placing a high demand for product in the retail and commercial channels.
  • Our brand values and beliefs: The Tarnowski Art brand is highly prized and every image of G. Tarnowski Art has been Copyrighted with the U.S. Congress Copyright Office. We are very particular on where, who and how any of G. Tarnowski's product related offerings is created, marketed and offered.  
  • Why online shoppers should choose Tarnowski Art: Tarnowski Art is a unique and original class of art that is designed with the recipient in mind. Through thought-provoking, inspirational and whimsical imagery and symbolism Tarnowski Art brings an uplifting encouraging experience to the hearts of our buyers.